Personal Training Client: Maryann Louis

Age: 38

Occupation : Homemaker

Personal Trainer : Nelson Chong


I have been suffering from debilitating backache since the birth of my first child 11 years ago.  I saw a spine surgeon and he ordered acupuncture sessions for me.   However, the sessions did help me in some ways but the pain was not completely gone. I took Pilates lessons from a studio and though it helped me to get fitter but the pain was still there. I gave up on my back blaming it on the mild scoliosis that existed.  2 years ago, both of my feet started to hurt terribly. I could not walk well first thing out of bed and boy it was strange! I would be limping into the bathroom! It was that bad. I bought many types of footwear and compression socks that promised me comfort.  Nothing worked its magic.

I consulted a famous Rolfer and expected a great deal of relieve. Unfortunately, it did not work out for me. I was at the point of self-pity and giving up. I heard about Nelson through a sports shop owner down on Orchard Road. He requested that see Nelson immediately and promised that I will not be disappointed. I was apprehensive at first but I wanted to give it one final shot. At this point, I was getting very frustrated of finding a cure and not failed miserably.



ought many types of footwear and compression socks that promised me comfort.  Nothing worked its magic.


The first thing that struck me when I met Nelson was the “Nelson’s effect”. I felt hope and a positive feeling through my head. He questioned my issues and asked me to perform some movement dysfunction screening. He then taught me how to release my muscles & fascia on my body. I have known about fascia release in the past but Nelson’s 4R methodology are very different and I can feel the immediate relief.  He also taught me how to strengthen my back with some simple yet challenging exercises that I love.

My back issues are completely gone unless I do something silly like carrying anything too heavy and bad posture!  My aching feet issue is completely gone now. I can walk without any footwear on the marble floor. It was amazing! I almost forgot how to have normal feet because I was in too much pain for too long!



Nelson also pointed out how important posture was. Now I am always checking on my posture. It helped a great deal. I perform trigger point release every morning whenever possible. I also do it every night. I know it is an effort but I love it doing it because it helps me to live a life with quality. His method works and works!!! He has totally changed my life for better. Now, I know how to deal with an achy joint or muscle if it happens. I am very thankful to have come to right place at the end.