Mei Lin Khoo.png

Personal Training Client: Mei Lin Khoo

Age: 52 years old

Occupation: Supply Chain Vice President
Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong

I was training at FTI from 2010 with my family (husband, son and daughter) until 2015 when we moved from Singapore to Ohio, USA.  I did find the same type of gym and started to do other forms of exercise. I have been working from home since March 15, 2020 and my work days were 10-12 hours per day sitting in front of the computer.  I did not realize how out of shape I was until I started doing the release exercise from Nelson’s video during Easter. 


Every part of my body was in pain and I realized I did not have the right work station and I was not spending time on release and building my core. I was playing golf and I did not see much improvement. I did Yoga regularly twice a week but it did not help to alleviate the pain I had in my right ankle, my right shoulder and my left knee. 

My first few sessions with Nelson was all about addressing part of body that was in pain or tight. He helped me released my tight left hips, right ankle and activated both my feet. He showed me simple exercises to do before a long walk or a game of golf. With his advice I corrected the posture for my work station with an external key board, mouse and the right placement of my elbows and knees.

I train with Nelson every week and week by week, I started to gain more confidence and areas where I had pain miraculously disappeared.  Many of the exercise on the Swiss ball and Bosu which I couldn’t do before started to become easier. 


What I like is, no two sessions are the same and every session is a balance of strengthening, coordination, endurance activating may parts of the body at the same time. It is also not repetitive; every exercise is interesting, and the hour goes by fast.  I know I have had a good workout every time when I feel every part of my body being worked the next day.

We train barefoot and I feel my entire body is activated especially my arch, my glutes, my torso and shoulders to my head. Nelson has the skills and experience to spot the problem, fix it on the spot and retrain the muscle. He gives me specific drills to improve my golf swing.


I have been training for about 4 months with Nelson via Zoom every week. I no longer have the pain I had, my golf swing has improved, my core strength has improved and most importantly my confidence to jump and run has improved as I no longer feel the pain in my right shoulder, left knee and right ankle.


Nelson deeply cares about his clients and takes it as a personal challenge to address his client’s needs. He is open to learn and explore new ways even though he is already a master at what he does. I have had the privilege of seeing Nelson develop and apply his skills/experience in new innovative ways. He does it with humility, grace and passion. 


He is clearly one of the best trainers I have had.  I would recommend him to anyone across age groups from students who wants to improve their sports, to those who want to lose fat and gain muscle, to those who are in pain and have simply given up because no one else in the medical field can help, and to someone like me who simply wants to live a quality , pain free life to do the things I love as I age.