Personal Training Client: Michele Lee

Age: 41

Occupation: Senior Partner Program Manager

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Mattew Chan is the most dedicated and professional individual in any vocation I have met. Throughout the 5 years I have been training with him, he has never failed to impress me with his relentless pursuit for new training techniques, methodologies, knowledge and to be the purveyor to benefit his clients.


Being active in sports and a school squash representative prior to my medical conditions, the symptoms greatly restricted my ability to exercise as before and my weight increased from 45kg to 56.5kg in a matter of 2 years. I was sceptical about the difference that a Personal Trainer could make. However just 3 months into the program, I saw results! Not only were the aches, stiffness and pain relieved, I lost 8.5kg and gained mobility, strength and fitness like never before. This would not possible without Mattew's determination and patience in improvising every move within my physical ability to help me overcome my weaknesses and to get the best out of me.


A nutrition enthusiast, extremely knowledgeable about diet, not only has Mattew helped me in my fitness, weight loss and injuries; by following his dietary plan and advice, my overall health has improved. My high cholesterol and fat percentage reduced to a normal level and gastritis was cured. Even the health screen medical doctor was amazed with how my problems were overcome in such a short period of time.


His move to Functional Training Institute about 2 years ago where he furthered his knowledge in functional and rehabilitation training to help trainees like me with pains and injuries, has kept me training with him on a regular basis. I reached another level of fitness and mobility after only several months of Functional Training, that I have never imagined possible with the amount of metal implants in my back and a “worn-out” knee. I am now able to do chin-ups, push-ups, rope climbs, single-leg squats and even lift weights almost on-par with my bodyweight with ease and most importantly, ZERO PAIN!


He continues to motivate and challenge me to meet new fitness goals or to do certain moves that test one’s functional ability, making training really something I look forward to every time. Coupled with FTI's continuous pursuit for new, effective training techniques and investment in a myriad of equipment, training can only get more fun and challenging.


Mattew is a very responsible and reliable fitness professional. Despite my busy work and travel schedule, he has never given up in ensuring I work out regularly over the years. He accommodates to my long working hours even if it means training me late at night; and diligently reminding me of a healthy diet and the additional cardio exercises on my own, to complement the regular training schedule.


A man of few words, his seriousness during training astounds me initially until I understood his focus and attentiveness to my safety and details for results. Nevertheless, Mattew's session is never boring as he creatively designs every session to be interesting, challenging and effective.


An all-rounded trainer be it weight-loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation or fitness-improvement; he is an asset to the profession and a benediction to his clients.


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