Personal Training Client: Monica Guevara

Age: 36

Occupation: Homemaker

Personal Trainer: Joseph


I relocated to Singapore early in 2012. I had been running for three years training for half-marathons and doing weight training with a personal trainer for two years. I stopped running long-distances when I got injured with plantar fasciitis while training for a third half-marathon in September, 2011. Later, I found out I was pregnant, so I continued with weight training but cut back running. Getting back into running after my pregnancy was tough, and I was afraid as I still had plantar fasciitis, which had worsened because of the additional weight gained during pregnancy. I was quite sure though, that finding a good personal trainer was the best way to not only to get back in shape, but also to get back to running.


When we moved to Singapore, I wanted to hit the road again. My husband heard about Functional Training, and realized that this was likely the kind of training that I needed. My two-fold goal was: to increase mileage for my runs and not get injured. Ideally, I would like to race again. The additional benefits of regaining confidence and energy came second.


I met Joseph Goh in April, 2012 and discussed with him that my goal was to get back into running. What first impressed me about Joseph, was his immediate focus on the Big Goal: running for life. The start-up was not easy. He taped me running in a treadmill and – oh was THAT a reality check! Nobody had ever pointed out before my mistakes that, in the long term, would result in other injuries to the knees or worsen the plantar fasciitis. From the start, Joseph worked with me explaining me that I not only had to strengthen my legs, but also my abs and back if I wanted to run longer distances. All runners know that you train your best when you register for a race. Joseph gave me confidence to register again for a race. After all, the first race after an injury and a pregnancy is not only a milestone, but a comeback!


What I enjoy the most of my personal trainer is that he pushes me to a higher performance every session. Joseph has also empowered me to follow self-guided training routines, in case I have to travel so I do not stop working out. Joseph has reviewed with my dietary habits and made me helpful recommendations to make sure that I fueled properly before and after workouts. Most importantly, he constantly makes sure I stretch and do proper maintenance of key muscles to prevent injuries.


I feel that after only five months of training with Joseph, I have more confidence and stamina. Thanks to the holistic approach of Functional Training, I have the energy and strength not only to race again, but to run, swim and even take a small hike in Nepal carrying my baby daughter. My goal running race is fast approaching - Angkor Wat 10Km run. As a person that likes taking on challenges, I am lucky to have found a personal trainer that enjoys challenging me. My running shoes are as eager to run a race again. The best miles are yet to come!

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