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Personal Training Client: Mr. Phyo Maung Maung
Personal Trainer: Jack Nay Ko Zin

I have been inactive for years and became so heavy and felt unwell. I would feel very tired and heart racing just by going up a few stairs. My doctor found some problem with my heart last year.

My Cardiologist diagnosed as Cardio Myopathy. I was suggested to try to control my heart condition with a lot of medication and got some improvement after 8 months but still feeling tired just by some daily movement. I became overweight day by day at the same time. After my heart condition was in control and found no further apparent improvement with medication, my doctor suggested me to do some light cardio exercises under supervision of a trainer. I was father of a beautiful daughter and I was expecting my second child in a few months. To improve my heart condition was my first priority. At the same time, I wanted to carry my little princess and play with her without feeling tired. I wanted to be stronger in general.

I am a right handed person but I cannot extend my right hand without shaking. My triceps are so soft and not working properly. My left calf is relatively much smaller than my right. Whenever I am walking and running, I feel like I am just using my right leg and in 5 mins, my right calf started to cramp.


The first week was the hardest for me. Since I have been sedentary for many years, I felt muscle pain a lot. But after doing some stretching and releasing by my trainer, those nasty pains are almost gone. Jack monitored my results weekly and asked me what I was eating for my meals everyday. He suggested me to develop healthy eating habits to sustain my weight after losing. In a few weeks, I felt much more energetic.

My heart beat became much slower. My doctor said that my heart condition has improved a lot. However, after I did my annual medical check up , my doctor found out that I was in Pre diabetic Stage. Luckily, my heart condition become normal again and I don’t need medication anymore now.


The training I did with Jack helped me feel great and maintain a healthy weight. The amount of positive changes in my body both muscle and cardio definition are much more than I expected. I have never thought of myself that I would be able to do those workouts trained by Jack. I am quite surprised that my diabetes condition has improved a lot after 2 months training with Jack. I feel I am using both of my legs now and no more cramping. My right hand becomes much more stronger than before and I started to feel that my triceps are much harder while extending . Jack has very good knowledge and is always professional whilst being a good company at the same time. I do highly recommend Jack.