Muscle / Bone Mass Gain

Personal Training Client: Nimi Doulatram Dadlani

Age: 52

Occupation: Home Maker

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh


Some years back, I was diagnosed with ostopinic - a medical term indicative of low bone denisty. The doctor's adviced me that regular exercise was my only saving grace. I was caught completely off-guard as I had never been to a gym before.


I have been training with Karen for years now. I look forward to the sessions with her as she ensures that each session is uniquely crafted to help me maximize my potential. Together, we set challenging yet achievable fitness goals. Because of her efforts, I am stronger and more flexible. From having never lifted weights, today I can proudly lift a decent 10 kilograms. Weight training has significantly strengthened my bones and my bone density has shown remarkable improvement. I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. From someone who had never stepped into a gym, it surprises me how exercise can be so addictive - if I miss a day I feel guilty. Karen has helped to find the gym buff in me, which I never knew existed.


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