Nelson Chong


CEO & Founder of Functional Training Institute
Rehabilitation & Functional Training Specialist
Master Trainer for Tratac Active Rolling
Master Coach for Freemotion Rip60 & Rapitfit
Presenter for Rehab Express
Creator of Swiss Ball Metabolic Training
Creator of Dumbbell Metabolic Training
Creator of Dual Zone Myofascial Release
Creator of DZMR Therapy Balls & 4R Methodology
Creator of Functional Fitness Feat
Creator of Secrets of X-Factor Trainer



Personal Training Since





Acute & chronic musculoskeletal pain
Sports injury & sport performance
Pre & post-surgery rehabilitation
Children, youth, adult senior
Pre & post-natal training


Professional Opinion

Functional Training is the movement solution for any bodily dysfunction.



Year 2021


  • Bone Setting in Neck & Upper Back – Sifu Eric Leong (Founder of Osteocare)

Year 2019


  • Integrated Kinetic Neurology – Dy Ryan (Founder of IKN)

  • Certified Functional Strength Coach L1 & L2 – Kevin Carr (Master Trainer of CFSC)

  • Quanta Therapy – Cedric Seah (Founder of Neurohack)

  • Tratac Master Trainer – Rodney Corn (Founder of SOMA)

Year 2018


  • Onefit Fitness Operation – Jordan Chan (Founder of Onefit)

  • Precision Nutrition L1 – Dr Krista Dixon (Program Director of Precision Nutrition)

  • Lymphatic Mojo – Dr Perry Nickleson ( Founder of Stop Chasing Pain)

  • NKT L1 – Jackie Wu (Founder of Strength Therapy)

  • ScoliMethod – Jackie Wu (Founder of Strength Therapy

  • Master Shoulder Physical Therapy – Wayne Rogers (Founder of Health Adventure)

  • Primal Movement Chains – Dr Perry Nickleson (Founder of Stop Chasing Pain)

  • Body Reading Master Class – Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains)

  • Resilience : Taking The Strain & Coming Back Stronger – Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains)


Year 2017


  • Level 2 Myofascial Dry Needling & Electrotherapy – Dr Jon Marshall (Manual Medicine Aus)

  • Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1, 2 & 3 – Dr Emily Splichal (Founder of EBFA)

  • Level 1 Myofascial Dry Needling & Cupping – Dr Jon Marshall (Manual Medicine Australia)


Year 2016


  • M.A.T Method – Functional Assessment & Treatment + Training - Dr Stephen King (Founder)

  • Freemotion Master Coach Summit, Utah


Year 2015


  • Lower Back Pain – Professor Stuart Mcgill

  • Total Gym Gravity Foundation & Pilates – Matilde Demarchi (Founder of Arke)

  • Kettlebells Level 1 + Powerbags Certification – Tarek (Co-founder of FTI)

  • Barefoot Training Specialist, Barefoot Rehab, Foot Strike & Functional Movement – Dr Emily


Year 2014


  • Fundamental Gymnastic Strength – Coach Christopher Sommer (Founder)

  • REHAB FX – Ulrich Larsen (Founder of REHAB Trainer)


Year 2013


  • Loopz Fitness Functional Performance Certification – Wong Lilin (Founder of Loopz)

  • Ido Portal Movement Camp

  • Rehab Practitioner Singapore – Wayne Rogers (Founder of Health Adventure)

  • Ido Portal Weekend Movement X

  • Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapy – Joint Mobilisation of Spine, Low Back & Pelvis


Year 2012


  • Parkour Level 1 Assistant Coach

  • Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapy – Neck

  • Asia Fitness Convention Pattaya

  • Functional Trainer – Wayne Roger (Founder of Health Adventure

  • EIMS Clinical Fitness Professional Course – Dr Ben Tan (Changi General Hospital)
    Certified Vipr Instructor


Year 2011


  • Asia Fitness Convention Bangkok

  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy – The Ultimate 6 Plus (Cassidy Phillips)

  • Coretex Master Trainer - Anthony Carey (Founder of Coretex)

  • Crosscore War Machine Master Trainer – Brendan (Founder of Crosscore)

  • Airfit Master Trainer - Jorge (Founder of Purmotion)

  • Rehab Trainer Master Class – Ulrik Larsen (Founder of REHAB Trainer)


Year 2010


  • Rehab Trainer Essentials – Ulrik Larsen (Founder of REHAB Trainer)


Year 2009


  • Functional Training Course (Human Principles)


Year 2008


  • Medicine Ball Training and Application (AASFP)

  • Flash Fat-Burning Manual (AASFP)

  • Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain Prevention (AASFP)

  • Ladies Shaping & Toning Skills Workshop (AASFP)


Year 2004


  • Advance Personal Trainer Certified (AASFP)


Year 2002


  • Certified Trainer of Special Populations (AFPA)

  • Yoga Teachers' Training Course Beginners Level (Master Kamal)

  • 24 Hour Fitness Trainer Fit Pro (24 Hour Fitness)

  • Sport Climbing Course Level One


Year 2001


  • Reebok Core Training (Reebok University)


Year 2000


  • Personal Trainer Certification (AFPA)

  • CFC School of Excellence Trainer Certification

  • Apex Certified Trainer (Apex Fitness)


Year 2019

  • Presenter of Active Masters All Star Summit in Fuzhou

Year 2018

  • Outstanding Achievement Award by AASFP in China
    Presenter of Nike Super Workshop


Year 2013

  • Spirit of Enterprise Honouree in Singapore

Year 2007


  • District Fitness Manager (California Fitness Singapore)


Year 1998


  • President of Ngee Ann Polytechnic Lifeguard Alumni


Year 1994


  • Selected and passed Special Operation Force (Commando)


Year 1992


  • Best physical trainee in commando basic military training

  • Distinction award in life saving


Year 1991


  • Best poser & silver for inter-polytechnic bodybuilding contest


Year 1990


  • President and Entertainment Officer of Ngee Ann Lifeguard Corps


Year 1987


  • Best Unit Cadet for outstanding performance in NPCC



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Beatrice Oliverio
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