Personal Training Client: Nicole Wong

Age: 16

Occupation: Student -  Athlete

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


 Ever since I got onto the national team and started fencing more competitively, I have had a problem with my lower back, which consistently gave me pain after almost every competition or training. This gave me a big disadvantage in delivering consistently good results as it was challenging for me to train hard for extended periods in preparation for these competitions. This led to much frustration and I lost a lot of confidence in my fencing because I had no breakthroughs and kept getting the same results. Finally, my father recommended FTI and encouraged me to go check it out.


At first, I was honestly slightly doubtful that FTI would be able to help me because I had been to several rehab clinics and all the results were temporary. My back still gave me problems after only one competition and I didn’t know how to help myself. However, I am very lucky that my trainer Nelson is very experienced and learned in this field of sports injuries and physical conditioning. After a diagnosis and the first few sessions with him, I began to realize that I could go on longer in training without my back giving me problems. I was truly amazed and have been keeping up with my training, which has helped me to increase my stamina and strength. FTI is not only just a gym, but it has a physiology section and this is very important to me when I have other strains from my fencing trainings. Also, the FTI staff are like a huge family and I feel very welcomed every single time I step into the gym.


These last four months, I have truly had a breakthrough. My results have all improved tremendously, I am able to take on tougher opponents, and my confidence level has increased. Recently, I went on a one-month trip to Europe with three competitions in total and my back only felt strained after the last one, where I came in 1st place. I couldn’t ask for more! Of course, I have a lot of room to improve but to be able to come this far, I really appreciate and want to thank Nelson for all the passion he brings to the gym every single day and in helping me get closer to my dream of the Olympics.  


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