Optimum Sports Performance

Nicole Wong, 16, Student - Athlete

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


I have had a problem with my lower back, which consistently gave me pain after almost every competition or training. This gave me a big disadvantage in delivering consistently good results as it was challenging for me to train hard for extended periods in preparation for these competitions. This led to much frustration and I lost a lot of confidence in my fencing because I had no breakthroughs and kept getting the same results. Finally, my father recommended FTI and encouraged me to go check it out.


Nelson is very experienced and learned in this field of sports injuries and physical conditioning. After a diagnosis and the first few sessions with him, I began to realize that I could go on longer in training without my back giving me problems. I was truly amazed and have been keeping up with my training, which has helped me to increase my stamina and strength. FTI is not only just a gym, but it has a physiology section and this is very important to me when I have other strains from my fencing trainings. 


Recently, I went on a one-month trip to Europe with three competitions in total and my back only felt strained after the last one, where I came in 1st place. 


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Jen Goh, 17, Student and working
towards a professional golfer

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


SUFFERING PAIN from every swing?

LOSING CONTROL over your ball?

ALWAYS LACKING POWER for more distance?


Seeking for a fun and effective way to performance training?


Click and play the short clip (on right) to witness the excitement!


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Ashvind Daryanani, 35, Banker

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh

I went through a period of about 4 years without being able to do any strenuous activities. Working with Joseph gave me the confidence to get back on the horse as it were.


I feel like I have not only regained all those years that I lost, but I feel more energetic than ever and wanting to tackle even bigger challenges… and my clothes fit better.


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Evelyn Tan, 57, Consultant

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh


It's a place for all ages, motivated people and yes, it's wonderful to be able to 'Live with Zest'! In addition, the founder is very hands-on and attentive to details.


Fit, flexible and overall improved health. One year ago, I wouldn't dream of running the distance/speed I now enjoy without injury.


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Loo Kim Lye, 57, Bank Officer

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh


Functional Training trains my whole body to be flexible and stronger.

Joseph is very professional and knowledgeable. I like to train in FTI as it has the "family" environment not found in other gyms. With training in FTI, I am able to take part in five to six 10km runs throughout the year.


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Grace David, 39, HR / Recruiter

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh


Functional Training does not go with a "one-size fits all" approach. Training is personalized and depends on your fitness needs. I've trained with Joseph even before he joined FTI. He understands my health & fitness goals and motivates me to achieve these. My activity level and overall strength definitely improved.


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