Our Founder


"The Miracle Man", "Functional Genius", "Man of Surprise", "Mr Creativity", "Stability Ball Guru", "BOSU Master", "Medicine Ball Expert", "100 lbs Strong Man", "Core Specialist", "Master G"... names that Nelson have come to be known by the many who train and work with him.


With a degree from the University of Birmingham and a budding career in electrical and electronics engineering, Nelson’s passion has always been fitness. He decided to pursue his dreams and to practice professionally in the fitness industry. 13 years on, it is with the same kind of precision and technical expertise that Nelson carries over from his days as an engineer into his work as a personal trainer specializing in functional training & rehabilitation.


Nelson as an advocate of functional training & rehabilitation, is remarkably creative in designing personal training programmes to propel his clients towards success. Coupled with his agreeable personality and interpersonal skills, he uses his unique sense of attentiveness and humour to motivate. He has coached clients from all walks of life to enjoy achievements beyond their wildest dreams! His client's fitness testimonies are


  • Completing 3 pain-free marathons in a year given a previous knee injury with flat foot;

  • Making history and representing Singapore at Seas Games Polo at the age of 55;

  • Jumping and bouncing with an abundance of energy again as a National Wushu Champion with a torn ACL;

  • Completing the Bintan Triathlon just 3 months after having a baby and a previous history of being debilitated with pubic symphysis and a misaligned pelvis;

  • Being set free from ailments such as high blood pressure, arthritis, postural disorder, chronic joints pain, etc;


For these, he is indeed the highly sought after premium personal trainer that he deserves to be.

Inspired by his supportive long term personal training clients who have benefited tremendously from his dedication to health and fitness, he has found the Functional Training Institute. Nelson’s vision for the Functional Training Institute is to integrate every student’s mind, body and spirit into one, empowering them to Live With Zest!


Previously working as District Fitness Manager managing multiple clubs for a mega gym, Nelson has mentored over hundreds of personal trainers, some of whom have become managers in the various mega gyms or owners of boutique gyms today.


Currently, he is mentoring a team of 8 experienced and dedicated full time personal trainers using his unique & creative functional training modules which have evolved into a metabolic training system that uses the entire body to achieve optimum results with quality time. With its origins from rehabilitation exercises, the beauty of each module is that it can be broken down into basic, intermediate or advance exercises making it appealing to all ages. With the possibility of designing fun filled family activities around the system, the promise is that everyone can live an energetic, zestful life that is filled with interest, excitement and enthusiasm.


With many testimonials to Nelson’s name, the former MD of Planet Fitness, Florence Tan who has worked with more than 50 personal trainers sums it up best, "Training with Nelson, my last personal trainer, is the best investment I ever had in my entire life. Indeed, you will never ever think of changing another trainer because he will always amaze you by giving you more than what you can ever imagine in service and personal training".