Our Graduation


Nelson’s vision for the Functional Training Institute is to integrate every student’s mind, body and spirit into one, empowering them to live with zest!


At FTI, on top of achieving your primary goals, we have Graduation Day held quarterly to help our clients discover and unleash the hidden potential in fitness. To benchmark our client's personal fitness level and competitive edge along with lots of fun and excitement! During these functional activities, we have discovered that females performed better than males in several stations and it raises the self esteem of many of our female students.


Join in the most prestigious day to distinguish yourselves and have fun with other FTI students and win prizes!

Functional Fitness Feat (FFF) Challenge

Functional Fitness Feat (FFF) is a monthly fitness exam for our trainers consisting of 10 stations that test dynamic core stability, flexibility, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, explosive power, psychomotor skills, speed, agility!

FTI Cross Core Challenge
FTI TRX Trainer Challenge
Functional Fitness BOSU Challenge