Our Vision


Functional Training Institute integrates your mind, body and spirit as one, empowering you to Live With Zest.


Simple yet bold - we dare to believe that everyone can live a pain-free, energetic, zestful life that is filled with interest, excitement and enthusiasm. We have seen it happened. We have witnessed dreams becoming reality. Be convinced and be inspired by reading our testimonials written by our clients


Our founder Nelson, after 10 years with a mega gym as a personal training manager,  started Functional Training Institute (FTI) because he saw that the gyms did not cater to the following groups of people:


1. Young children

2. Elderly people

3. Families

4. The really "out-of-shape"

5. The injured

6. The professional athletes

7. The unhealthy with chronic pain or medical health issues

By starting FTI, Nelson wanted to reach out to these people who could not train in the gym due to age restrictions or who felt intimidated by the crowd in regular gyms. He wanted to give these people a conducive environment to train comfortably and correctly.


At FTI, the young, the elderly, whole families are encouraged to get fit, and get fit together if they so choose. This is a concept no other gym in Singapore today practices. Furthermore, FTI offers a friendly and cozy environment so that people who are out-of-shape, injured, with chronic pain or health issues enjoy coming in for personal training. Simultaneously, FTI also caters to athletes who may have sustained injuries or who are looking for the best training to improve their performance.


Today Nelson's dream of making FTI the personal training choice gym for families has come true. A further testament to FTI's success is that it has also become the personal training choice gym for many doctors who, are not only clients, but have also referred their patients to FTI. These patients have also become clients. 

FTI is probably the only personal training gym in Singapore where it is compulsory for all the personal trainers to be
rehabilitation trained.


FTI continues to grow and lead the fitness industry in personal training, not only because we practice functional training and rehabilitation, but also because we are constantly learning, keeping in touch with new research findings. 

If you want to be become functionally fit, together with your partner, your parents, or even your kids, AND to be educated by your personal trainer at the same time, come to FTI.


You'll be glad you did!