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Personal Training Client: Perlyn Wang

Age: 47 

Occupation: Sourcing - APAC
Personal Trainer: Hans Ng

I suffered constant back pains that affects my daily living, often even in my sleep. It distracts me with its presence, making me unable to focus on my work. It has been something I have suffered from for a long time that I cannot even remember when it first presented itself. I have tried everything from medications to chiropractors but nothing has relieved my pain as much as FTI has. I got to know of them through a recommendation from a friend Shirley Tay. 

Hans was very willing to share his knowledge with me and allowed me to understand my body more and learn where I needed to work on to help relief my pain when i needed it. The trainings were manageable and useful and it surely did help me be more conscious of my body posture and how to maintain good posture. 

I have been training for about a month or so at FTI. Despite the short duration, I could already feel the changes and how it has improved my body pains. I now feel much less pain compared to the persistent debilitating discomfort I would have to endure constantly every day. What I like most is the level of professionalism, dedication and care that the trainer gives, where they not only tell you what exercises to complete but also provide the rationale behind it and how to would help in improving and reducing the discomforts I have. I would recommend FTI to others simply for how effective their training is and how supportive their trainers are, it is definitely worthwhile.