Personal Training Client: Phua Hwee Kiang

Age: 41

Occupation: Homemaker

Personal Trainer: Lucia Tong


FTI has a friendly environment and you would not feel intimidated training there. Trainers are very dedicated and they are good in engaging trainees to execute every move properly. They are well trained and when trainees highlight any areas of discomfort, attention will immediately be diverted to how they can be managed. In other words, your wellness is fully taken care of in FTI.


The main thing I like about functional training is the efficiency and effectiveness of the training. You are training with knowledgeable and qualified trainer who will help identify problem areas and create exercise plan to achieve your fitness goals with better joint mobility and stability.


My fitness goal is simply to alleviate my back pain, tone up and improve my fitness level. I have been suffering from back pain for years and it got worse after the birth of my 2 kids. The pain would radiate from my back to the front causing abdominal discomfort as well. This affected the quality of my sleep. I have tried massages but the pain relieve was only temporary.


Lucia is very caring, easy going and patient. I am entirely at ease training under her!  During training, she will show and explain the muscle group that I am using and ensure that I execute each move correctly. This gives me a lot of confidence that I am in good hands with a knowledgeable trainer. She will encourage me to try and push beyond my limits within safety zones. She will always also ensure that I have proper warm up at the start of the session and warm down after the training. She keeps every lesson interesting by providing variations to the training moves; this keeps me guessing and coming back! 

I noticed that my fitness level had improved! My arms, legs and abdominal are firmer and stronger. My back pain seems to have lessened compared to the past. I am looking forward to achieve a pain free back in the near future and I know Lucia will be able to help me achieve it!


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