• Issac Tan

Single Leg Balance Flow

Balance flow Thursday for you to challenge yourself! Watch R`4 Coach Issac demonstrating Single Leg Balance Flow

Single-leg balance flow shown in the video above is overall a great exercise for:

  • Short foot activation (Dr's Emily's Short Foot Activation)

  • Great exercise to work your Ankle, Hip and T-spine

  • Great exercise to challenge your stability and mobility which is both essential and vital aspect of fitness where people often lacks

Do you know that single-leg exercises can help pinpoint muscle imbalances, and they help to improve balance & core stability?

By working with one side of the body at a time, you don't give the other side the chance to take over—so you're basically forcing each leg to do the work without relying on any other help. That is also what makes them great for challenging and improving your balance.

You also get some core work when you are doing the exercises. While you may not feel that same burn you would feel in an abs-specific workout, you're working all the stabilizer muscles in your core when you are trying to perform a move without losing your balance.

When is it best to to execute this exercise?

  • Use for warm up / activation before exercise

  • Great alignment work to add in your recovery program

Watch the Movement Guide above & challenge this single-leg balance flow with your partner, friends and family. Enjoy and have a laugh!


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