Pre / Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Personal Training Client: Carol Fusek

Age: 61

Occupation: Consultant

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


How Functional Training Institute – FTI (oh and my doctor) helped me go olive harvesting in Italy!! I recall FTI's words very clearly, "Carol you should see your doctor, your shoulder pain is not an issue we can correct" the pain is different and thank you FTI you were so RIGHT!


My orthopedic Surgeon found via all the MRI's that the tendon in my right shoulder had a ~ 20% tear and of course the ol' bone spurs in the area were not helping matters. Fix it he says, or in 5 years you may not be able to use your arm. 27 May 2011 the surgery was done.


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Personal Training Client: April Hu

Age: 50

Occupation: Executive Coach

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


Due to years of exercise, exasperated by four babies and poor body alignment, I exhausted my body. Over the past five years, I underwent many non-invasive procedures to reduce pain and continued an active lifestyle. Finally last year in 2014, I succumbed to take drastic steps and underwent surgeries for my patella to fix my knee and rotator cuff to repair my shoulder. I figured out the surgeries could extend the mechanical usage of my body parts but I was aware that I needed to change habits and master new routines in order to stall aging erosions and avoid any further injuries. My aim is to be able to do things I love with my family, such as skiing, hiking, tennis & kayaking.


I was referred highly to Nelson and to my delight, it’s been a fun, refreshing, and challenging experience. The initial sessions were focused on releasing tight muscles to reduceand eliminate pain. I was particularly dejected due to chronic sciatic nerve pain at the beginning but Nelson has been very diligent in his quest to help me move pain-free quickly.


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Personal Training Client: Varkha J. Shamdasani

Age: 54

Occupation: Homemaker

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh


I have always been a very active person. Exercise, yoga and gym have always been part of my daily regime, alongside my household chores. Unfortunately, it seems my passion exceeded what my body could take, and over-doing the workouts caused excessive wear and tear to my joints, which resulted in depletion. It started to hurt whenever I climbed up, went down the stairs, or drove for long distances. Gradually, I felt the pain in my knee worsening.  I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon, and after specific tests and x-rays, he suggested Arthroscopy (Knee surgery). In the meantime, due to the worsening pain, I could not exercise, and this made me very upset. Fortunately, after a successful knee surgery, I was referred to Ms Karen Goh, my rehab trainer. My good friend Nimmi had recommended her.


After twelve sessions of therapy, I have seen a significant improvement in my health. I can do exercises, which I could previously never imagine being able to do alone. My family saw a remarkable difference in me. Moreover, I am thankful to Ms Karen because I do not experience any pain any more after working out.


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Personal Training Client: Delphine Siv

Age: 29

Occupation: Senior Investment Manager

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


My body said “Stop” and it materialized under the form a back injury. My doctor asked me to stop cold turkey all the workouts, for fear of deteriorating my back condition. In his view, martial arts and running were activities I could no longer practice ever again. So from working out at least twice a day, I had to go to none.


Then came along FTI. As much as I was very anxious about getting my injury sorted out, I certainly would not let anyone deal with it, unless I could have the utmost trust in the person’s capabilities.  And there could not have been a better person than Mattew.


And his routines have clearly been proving my doctor wrong over the past few months. The hours of training started to pay back quite rapidly: after 2+ months of training with Mattew’s routines, I was able to run Tokyo Marathon in an honourable time of 4h 25mins, with no prior running preparation. I was also able to resume my Muay Thai training shortly after. Icing on the cake (for any lady!), the diet programme that Mattew had me follow has helped lose 6 kg so far.


In spite of the efforts required sometimes, I have really been enjoying every step of my training. It is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it.  Not only have I become better, faster, stronger, but priceless
to me, is to have regained confidence in my capabilities post-injury. 
And for that, I can never thank Mattew enough.


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Personal Training Client: Michelle Lee

Age: 41

Occupation: Senior Partner Program Manager

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


Being active in sports and a school squash representative prior to my medical conditions, the symptoms greatly restricted my ability to exercise as before and my weight increased from 45kg to 56.5kg in a matter of 2 years. I was sceptical about the difference that a Personal Trainer could make. However just 3 months into the program, I saw results! Not only were the aches, stiffness and pain relieved, I lost 8.5kg and gained mobility, strength and fitness like never before.This would not possible without Mattew's determination and patience in improvising every move within my physical ability to help me overcome my weaknesses and to get the best out of me.


Mattew Chan is the most dedicated and professional individual in any vocation I have met. Throughout the 5 years I have been training with him, he has never failed to impress me with his relentless pursuit for new training techniques, methodologies, knowledge and to be the purveyor to benefit his clients.


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Personal Training Client: Grace Lee

Age: Forever 27

Occupation: Social Psycologist

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh


"I really like the holistic approach to fitness. Working out doesn't only mean becoming more toned and stronger; it also has practical (functional) benefits—
I feel I have better balance in daily life, and my weaker muscles are definitely stronger than before."


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