DZMR Therapy Balls

DZMR Therapy Balls


Choosing the right ball:


1. Yellow for first timers doing self massage with ball.


2. Red for those who have been using foam roller or yellow massage ball weekly for at least 3 months to 6 months.


3. Black only if you have been using our red ball weekly for at least 3 to 6 months.


Each colour density is 5% more harder as the colour changes.


An in-depth explanation and demonstration videos by Nelson, our Founder of Functional Training Institute can be found from the link below:

DZMR 4R Methodology

DZMR Posterior Zone 1 - Feet

DZMR Anterior Zone 1 Chest & Trunk

DZMR Posterior Zone 2 - Calf & Hamstrings

DZMR Anterior Zone 2 - Hip & Neck

DZMR Posterior Zone 3 - Neck, Back & Glutes

DZMR Anterior Zone 3 Adductors & VMO


Click here for more videos


    Invented by Nelson Chong, Founder & CEO of Functional Training Institute & DZMR, FTI Therapy Balls are created ingeniously with unique, smart DZMR methodologies that has proven supremacy in pain relief by doctors for the efficiency in restoring joints mobility targeting superficial and deep muscles all together with much lesser time.


    • Perfect size at 7.5cm each for releasing superficial and deep muscles effectively.

    • Precise ball pressure with 4 vibrant colours, black (high density), red (medium density) and yellow (low density) that are highly durable.

    • Superior smooth silicon rubber texture allowing the best grip on any surface during active release.

    • Comfortable on surface skin during myofascial release.

    • Quality elastic pouch with spring loaded quick release catch for portability and single zone myofascial release techniques.

    • Sweat resistant and easily washable for better hygiene.

    • Smart DZMR methodologies target source of problems in double quick time.

    • Release tight muscles for greater elasticity, power and control.

    • Restore joints mobility for better movement and function.

    • Rejuvenate bodily cells for long term pain relief.


    Each set includes:
    1 Pair of Therapy Balls.
    1 Elastic pouch with spring load quick release.