Theraband / Thera-tubing (Without handle)

Theraband / Thera-tubing (Without handle)



  • Versatile, good replacements for Dumbbells and machine
  • Highly affordable and portable
  • High Quality Multi-Dipped Latex Tubing as highest quality materials used in manufacturing
  • Uses Latex Multi-Dipped Technology with delicate process of multiple dips on each tube formation, which brings forth consistent product dimensions, color vibrancy and specifications safety.
  • Padded Handles for secured and comfortable grip
  • Different resistance levels to accommodate for progressive strength training
Colour: Orange


    • Strength Training
    • Muscle Toning
    • Sports Performance Enhancement
    • Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation after surgery or injury
    • Pilates, Fitness, and Yoga Classes.


    Click the link below for an in-depth explanation and demonstration video by Nelson, Founder of Functional Training Institute:


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