Swiss Ball HIIT Online Program

Swiss Ball HIIT Online Program


Existed since 1963 for more than half a century, Swiss Ball is the most powerful functional training tool that has been much neglected due to the untold facts that it can easily unleash many hidden potentials of a human body from rehabilitation to sports performance.


Unlike other functional training tools such as Kettlebell, Vipr, TRX, Powerbag, BOSU, Coretex, Ropes, Medicine Ball, etc, the uniqueness of the Swiss Ball ability to be in contact with any part of our body during exercise is just simply amazing. This freedom of contact allows a skilled practitioner to address all kinds of musculoskeletal pain at the upper limb, lower limb & spine or improve sports performance rapidly through integrating stability with mobility.


Ingeniously created by Nelson Chong, CEO & Founder of Functional Training Institute Singapore in 2006, the Swiss Ball Metabolic Training program has been tested extensively on clients with different genetics, age, gender and all have seen amazingly results in rehabilitation, fat loss & performance as fast as just one week!


This workout is suitable for physiotherapists, trainers, sports coaches, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are seeking fun and effective ways to rehabilitate quickly from an injury, improve cognitive skills and most importantly achieve a more robust and efficient body for daily function and sports performance to bulletproof against any musculoskeletal injury.


Through sound understanding and smart application of the 8 essential functional movement patterns comprising push & pull (anterior, posterior, superior, inferior), squat, lunge, bend, twist in 3 optimal movement planes (sagittal, frontal, transverse), you will experience at least 50 powerful movement solutions in the diversity of progression and regression from the 10 different unique Swiss Ball exercises designed for rehabilitation to performance that will restore function and peak performance.

Achieve amazing results with minimal time in the comprehensive 10 minutes Swiss Ball Metabolic Training program that requires full body integration while challenging all fitness components simultaneously such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, explosive power, flexibility, agility, psychomotor skills, core, stability, balance, mobility, proprioception, body alignment and fun.