Functional Training Institute

R'4 Group PT! 

Launching our R`4 Group PT online via Zoom weekly!

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 Functional Training Institute R'4 Group PT epitomise the fitness industry's apex in both Rehab+Functional training.


Its brilliantly designed structured program has 10 stations divided into 2 segments.


The first 30 mins focus on Reviewing, Releasing & Retraining your body into better alignment for optimal function.


The next 30 mins is where you train hard safely to achieve the results you want.


Unlike other training, the R'4 Group PT allows you to train hard safely to improve function & sports performance injury-free.


This is only possible through wise exercise choice selection that "train what our body need, not just what we want", to prepare our body in the best alignment for optimal stress or load which eventually lead to progressive long term results. 

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to improve strength, cardio, psychomotor, core, etc while burning fat using the latest functional tools such as Sandbell, Ybell, Tidal Tank & more.


2. Self Myofascial Trigger Point Release (SMTPR) to restore muscles & fascia tissue elasticity for better joint mobility using the latest vibrating roller, Tratac ActiveRoll Mini.


3. Diaphragmatic Breathing (DB) to lower your stress level & blood pressure, improve your core stability & sleep better.

4. Fascia Stretching Therapy (FST) to improve athletic performance & recovery.


5. Integrated Corrective Exercise (ICE) to realign your musculoskeletal structure for optimal loading & performance.


6. Functional Movement Patterns (FMP) integrating stability with mobility to bullet proof your body from injury.


7. Athlete Running Drills (ARD) to improve efficiency, strengthen muscles & joints, increase coordination & general athleticism.


8. Agility & Power Training (APT) to increase metabolism, cardiovascular strength, proprioceptive awareness & injury prevention such as falls, ankles sprain & ACL tear.


9. Strength & Core Training (SCT) to increase lean muscles mass & bone mass for a resilient & robust body.


10. Energy System Development (ESD) to increase the efficiency of energy metabolism & improve athletic performance.

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