Rapid Fit


Just as every restaurant has their signature dishes, gyms should likewise, have their signature exercise programs. At Functional Training Institute, this signature program would be Rapid Fit by Free Motion (USA).


The Rapid Fit program is actually a form of circuit training that combines 3 stages:


  1. Stage 1: Treadmill (on an incline)

  2. Stage 2: FreeMotion Functional training (on cable machines)

  3. Stage 3: Vertex i.Tonic (whole-body-vibration)


This unique combination was developed through a process of metabolic and EMG (electromyogram) testing to determine the optimal exercise and recovery sequencing. The program was established based on the goal to complete a full-body workout within an efficient time frame while maximizing caloric expenditure.


The program starts with using an incline trainer to elevate the heart rate to the required beats per minute for optimal fat burn. This is immediately followed by functional strength training to maintain the heart rate and add total-body muscular demand. The last station is for the whole body to vibrate to help flush lactic acid from muscles for faster recovery. One would start the second round on the treadmill again and repeat the sequence but possibly with different functional movements during strength training.


Stage 1: Treadmill


The incline on the treadmill actually helps increase the rate of fat burn, and you don’t even have to run, in fact you are not supposed to. Not having to run results in less joint impact and reduces the risk of injury that ensures longevity in training. You will have to perform different movement patterns (e.g. skipping, side shuffles, lunges etc.) other than walking frontwards on the treadmill. This results in greater movement awareness, better agility and most importantly makes the workout more fun and enjoyable.


Doing movement patterns on the treadmill at angles greater than 15 degrees incline provides a higher rate of fat-burn than running on a flat surface or aerobics. Contrary to what most people would think, intense aerobic activity that raises the beats per minute above 70% of an individuals maximum heart rate would result in the body burning stored carbohydrates rather than fat which is definitely not desirable.


Stage 2: FreeMotion Functional Training


Greater muscle mass means your body burns more calories even at rest, and even more during training. Training with FreeMotion cable machines with Functional Movements have been shown to produce the following results:


  1. 58% greater increase in strength than fixed–isolated training (body building exercises)

  2. 196% increase in balance than fixed-isolated training

  3. 30% decrease in joint pain


These percentages might seem rather amazing but they are real. When you start to train your body the way optimally, you will start to reap the benefits as others have. Functional training works simply because it integrates the whole body. Muscles are not trained in fixed-isolation that definitely NOT the way our bodies are designed to be used.


Integrated functional training is multi-planer, multi dimensional, proprioceptively enriched and activity specific. This results in movement patterns produced with all the systems in the body working together efficiently. It’s like teamwork where each member of the team contributes synergistically to the whole team. Such synergy in the body does not occur with fixed isolated training for sure. This is why people who train functionally never have to worry about unbalanced muscle development, injuries and stiffness and soreness in their muscles and joints.


There is no question that functional training will catch on in a huge way in Singapore as it is a proven method to getting fit more efficiently. The real question is; how and why did fixed-isolated training catch on in the first place when injuries and painful aches occur so often with such training?


Stage 3: Whole-Body-Vibration


Whole-Body-Vibration has been used since the 1960s on astronauts who went into outer space and experienced rapid atrophy in their muscles because of the zero gravity environment. The body has a mind of its own and will quickly strip off muscle mass when the opportunity comes because muscles expend calories. In other words, high muscle mass is a luxury for the body to have.


To counter this effect, scientists discovered that subjecting the body to vibration actually has a muscle sparing effect when used in space. On earth, where the majority of us reside, whole-body-vibration has been shown to deliver the following benefits:


  1. Increased strength and power

  2. Enhanced performance in the neuromuscular system

  3. Reduction in muscle soreness


Benefits #1 and #3 are the most relevant for gym goers because most people are not looking to increase the weights on the cable machines, nor looking to jump higher or run faster. However the benefits of increased muscle strength and power carry over to other sporting activities one might participate in on a regular basis. You will start to out-perform other friends who are not on the Rapid Fit program and they will marvel at your fitness level.


Perhaps more importantly, reduction in muscle soreness will keep up the momentum for one to make that next visit to the gym. Keeping consistent is key and muscle soreness is the #1 reason people skip their next training session. It would be great to have a tough workout and yet not suffer the after effects of lactic acid build up in the muscles (causing soreness), wouldn’t it? Whole-body-vibration does that for you, helping to keep you in good condition for your next workout!


So having learnt why Rapid Fit is the way to Rapid fat loss and Rapid fitness gains, there is no reason for you to procrastinate anymore. Come to Functional Training Institute and start to rapidly build "A New You" today!