RIP 60



Ripped, training 60 minutes a day, in 60 days!


Want to get trim and fit in a hurry? Then get on board the RIP 60 fitness bandwagon and get ready to reach your fitness goals in triple quick time! This is not an advertising gimmick, the RIP 60 way of training will send your metabolic rate through the roof, helping you to burn more energy (from fat stores), rapidly increase your cardiovascular endurance and increase your muscle mass in a matter of 60 days. This has been proven with test subjects in the USA.


The only obstacle standing in most people’s way is the discipline and determination to stick to the exercise routine daily and eating "clean". But of you can conquer laziness and stay away from fattening foods, your body can and will look very different in 60 days. Not only that, you will feel lighter, more energetic and feel a lot more confident about yourself. Who doesn't want to look good? Unfortunately, with lack of physical activity, long work hours and abundance of tasty food at every corner in Singapore, looking good is getting increasingly difficult.


Truth be told, the RIP 60 suspension trainer is not as versatile as the Cross Core 180, the most popular Rotational-Body (RTB) weight suspension training system in the market right now. However the education and training program provided by RIP 60 is solid, based on scientific research, and functional in nature. Best of all it is very easy to follow with a ready-made 8-week program complete with picture illustrations and DVDs; stuff you don’t get when you purchase the Cross Core 180.


The RIP 60 allows one to train with rotational movements like the Cross Core 180 and is a safer suspension to start with. This is because it does not have a free wheeling pulley system like the Cross Core. The straps rotate around an aircraft grade aluminum rotary bracket causing lots of friction. It is this friction that prevents sudden out of control turning movements that can cause one to pop a shoulder or pull a muscle. The friction also provides a greater challenge during rotation movements thus providing a greater challenge more advanced people.


The RIP 60 suspension trainer provides a safe, simple and fun way to train your body. It challenges the body in functional movements, the way the body is designed to move, helping you to move optimally and efficiently.


Here are some benefits from training with RIP 60:


  • Improve the way your body moves and feels

  • Decrease body fat

  • Increase lean muscle mass

  • Increase energy and endurance

  • Improve balance and flexibility

  • Improve athletic performanceve the way your body moves and feels


If you are one of those who is wondering why is it so difficult to lose weight and gain muscle mass, it could be because of the way you are training. Traditional bodybuilding exercises encourage fixed isolated training that does not challenge the body metabolically, mentally and functionally (co-ordination and balance). RIP 60 will change all that. It will kick start your metabolism, challenge your co-ordination and balance and ensure your mind is constantly engaged with the movements you are performing.


Take the RIP 60 challenge today and improve the body looks, performs and feels. You will become the envy of many friends and colleagues! More importantly, you will be functionally fit for the rest of your life!