Sand Bells


Fling and Throw for more powerful muscles!


Frustrated after a long day at work? Want to throw something around to vent your pent up frustrations? Then you'll thank Heaven for there is, finally, a piece of training equipment meant for you to throw around as you please! The Sand Bell.


Made of neoprene, the ultimate sand bag has landed on Singapore’s shores. Like the medicine ball, the sand bell helps one to train for power rather than just strength. While the medicine ball is normally thrown around with a partner who will receive it and throw it back, the sand bell is normally deliberately thrown with force onto the ground.


Whether throwing to achieve distance or just at your feet with as much force as can be mustered, it is the best equpiment in the gym to release your frustration. Be warned though, the throwing actions fun AND extremely tiring. Throwing a sand bell around repeatedly not only builds good strength in the shoulders and all round power, it is also a great core and cardiovascular workout.


Sand bells are filled with normal dry sand and come in weights ranging from 2lbs to 50lbs. So you can have fun throwing with a single hand or with both hands. Take care to start small though because chances are, you have never thrown a 50lbs dumbbell around in a gym! It’s against the rules as, it poses a danger to others AND will definitely cause severe damage to both the floor and the dumbbell.


Finally! Having a training tool that we can throw around, is like a breath of fresh air. In addition, sand bells make for a good substitute for kettle bells. You can swing and snatch a sand bell like you would a kettle bell and not have to worry about dropping it. It makes for good preparation for the actual "Girya" eventually.