Carol Fusek, 61, Consultant

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


How Functional Training Institute – FTI (oh and my doctor) helped me go olive harvesting in Italy!! I recall FTI's words very clearly, "Carol you should see your doctor, your shoulder pain is not an issue we can correct" the pain is different and thank you FTI you were so RIGHT!


My orthopedic Surgeon found via all the MRI's that the tendon in my right shoulder had a ~ 20% tear and of course the ol' bone spurs in the area were not helping matters. Fix it he says, or in 5 years you may not be able to use your arm. 27 May 2011 the surgery was done.


I started my rehabilitation at FTI and the "joy's" of the release work along with various exercise techniques to restore my shoulder movement and strength in 3 months, my doctor was amazed. "Carol you are progressing better than 80% of my clients with similar surgery". The fitness pays off!


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Personal Training Client: Mrs Tay Poh Luan

Age: 90

Occupation: Retired

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


During the mid 1980s, my knees began hurting and I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who recommended injections and physiotherapy for my condition.

I received spiritual healing from God on 8 May 1990, after which I could walk perfectly.


Unfortunately, I damaged my knees seriously as a result of an accidental fall off a step ladder in May 1997. Despite spending much time in physiotherapy, I had to consent to a right knee implant to save my hips in 2001. All was well after the operation.


My surgeon recommended me to have a second knee implant in 2004, but I postponed the operation until 2007. By then, the left leg had weakened a great deal.


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Personal Training Client: Mr. Wing C. Chan

Age: 89

Occupation: Retired

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh


Three years ago, 2012, I had nerve and muscle pain in my lower back. The curvature of my lower spine has gone out of alignment. Doctors said that it was bone generation and had no cure for it. They gave me a big bag of painkiller.

 Since I have muscle pain and my whole body was stiff, I contacted Nelson of FTI, and started training. My Trainer is Joseph, he is very patient with me and helpful. I have been with FTI for about two years and will continue with them for many years to come.


My training with FTI was tough in the beginning, because all my muscles were still and harden. Joseph was very patient with me and was a great help. I started with three times training a week, 6 months later it was twice a week. After 1 1/2 years of exercise I am pain free. Thank you Joseph.


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