Personal Training Client: Serene Chia

Age: 60

Occupation : Director

Personal Trainer : Nelson Chong


I’ve always been doing some form of exercise since school days and I regulate with different sports such as netball, swimming 2 to 3 times weekly for a few years and subsequently changed to playing squash, tennis going to the gym and finally cycling. It was therefore very frustrating to me when my back injury prevented me from partaking in any exercise and to make it worse I was advised to totally give up cycling. This happened at the last quarter of 2016. Remarkably, the symptom did not manifest as back pain but more pain along my left leg made worse when I start to stand and walk from a sitting position. The doctor advised surgery but a friend recommended that I seek help from Nelson who was kind enough to see me immediately.


To be honest I was a little worried as I’m a nurse by profession and I know how important the spine is but there was miraculous relieve of pain just after 1 session. The session involved manual trigger point release as well as with the use of therapy balls. Later on, the sessions progressed to strengthening exercises and I have not looked back since. Nelson made the sessions fun and we tried many different exercises which did no harm to my spine or caused any pain. It was also during these sessions that small little problems which I ignored were fixed e.g. stiff neck.


I felt optimistic and happy as I could go back doing what I love, and my body seem to have coped very well.  With the knowledge I gained I have no fear to experiment new things and my body does not protest or rebel.


I was at FTI for 6 months and wished it could be longer as I enjoyed the sessions. Unfortunately, that is not to be. I would certainly recommend FTI to others and have indeed done so.