SereneChia-Samuel Hsu.png

Personal Training Client: Serene Chia

Age: 64 years old 

Occupation: Retiree

Personal Trainer: Samuel Hsu

My problem started when I hurt my back after carrying a load. Henceforth I developed pain which radiated down my left leg. Initially I was able to sit without discomfort and felt excruciating pain when I stood up and took a few steps.

Things took a turn for the worse as it soon became even difficult to sit, drive and my sleep was badly affected as I was unable to turn on my left or right side as the nerve running down my leg would start to throb in pain.

As I could not drive I took the mrt whenever I needed to do an errand and the whole journey was done standing up. I tried acupuncture and physiotherapy which provided some relief but the pain would recur.

I finally succumbed to taking the painkillers prescribed and as long as I took the medication I was comfortable. But that was not a long-term solution.  My activities such as cycling, sitting to read and playing my ukulele were things I could no longer do. Surgery seemed to be the most likely option.

I was referred to Samuel by Issac my trainer at FTI.

Samuel was very patient, he did movement assessment after a thorough interview of the type and location of my pain as well as the aggravating factors. During the first session I was sceptical as the treatment methodology was not what I expected but my whole attitude changed as I began to feel improvement as seen by being able to perform certain painful movements without pain.


There was no strenuous exercise involved during the sessions and after each session I began to feel better.  To supplement the therapy Samuel guided me through some simple exercises which I had to do at home. They were simple exercises which did not take much time to complete.

I started seeing Samuel since mid May 2021 and after a few weeks I was able to sit and walk after sitting with no pain and have a peaceful night sleep. We have progressed to strength building exercises as I’m now cycling again. I went back on the saddle after 2 months of therapy and that is a major feat as it was impossible for me to even ride 4 metres without intense pain before.


My most recent ride in November was 86+km. I am extremely grateful to Samuel and applaud his dedication, patience and can do attitude and most of all in not giving up on me.

I have recommended some and am still recommending friends to try out PDTR as it worked for me.