Personal Training Client: Shobha

Age: 51

Occupation: Lawyer

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


I have been an active sportsperson nearly all my life – from athletics and hockey in my school years to brisk walking and yoga in more recent years. Since 2005, I adopted an exercise regimen that included a 5km walk in the mornings before heading off to work and the 10-hour, largely sedentary, work day. I was pleased with myself and thought myself as being fit. There was one persistent problem, however, that had plagued me for many years which I had simply not been able to deal with or manage – and that is the excruciating neck and shoulder pain that often left me unable to move, despite all the neck and shoulder exercises that I did. It was quite debilitating and sadly, the only way I could manage it was with pain killers and muscle relaxants.


And then I discovered Functional Training Institute and Nelson! I'd heard about functional training from friends, and I approached Nelson with some scepticism but was prepared to give it a go. You may doubt it when I say that the difference was almost immediate. After my first session of 'fixing' by Nelson through trigger point release, I felt renewed! The magical 'posture pro' and 'pocket physio' are my constant travel companions now and I have not had to take painkillers or muscle relaxants since I started with FTI and Nelson early this year.


While the pain does recur as a result of bone degeneration and continuous computer work, I have learnt how to manage it and am now largely pain free and my movements freer. What's more, I discovered that despite my 5km walk every morning, I was not as fit as I had thought! I realised that in only 4 minutes of 'MC2', one of FTIs signature exercises! All the exercises at FTI are designed, as the company name suggests, to enable our daily movements to be more efficient and pain-free – and that’s how I feel now – efficient and pain-free.


The atmosphere at FTI is great – the positive energy at the gym is great and I always feel good and energised after every session and I do enjoy the 'good pain' after every workout. The routines are difficult but fun. The only thing that keeps me away is work and travel!


I have recommended FTI to colleagues who have benefited enormously. I intend to get my family to train at FTI too!

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