Personal Training Client: Looi Siao Siang

Age: 23

Personal Trainer: Ralph



My son has many sensory challenges—mostly hypersensitive— and he has always had uncoordinated movements.  These prevented him from behaving ‘normally’. The goals are to provide him opportunities to reduce all the challenges he faces in daily life.  Previously we have done the physical programmes from the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I met my close friend Cassey and she encouraged me to try out FTI as her daughter, Gwendoline, had been on the FTI programme and is continually showing great improvement in her mobility and hand-eye coordination.


During the rehabilitation, Ralph has done a thorough assessment of his body muscles and movement. He outlined the areas for improvement and designed programmes for him to work with him. The programmes are both fun and creative, involving him effectively towards improvement.


During the training, the programmes not only challenged him consistently at a positive level, but were rewarding to him as well.  It also gave him a very good opportunity to work with others, waiting for his turn and observing others’ reactions and responses appropriately.  His responses to verbal instructions have definitely improved.  The programmes were diversified and got him to utilize and improve his control of various parts of his body and hence, strengthening the weaker parts.

My son has been training with FTI for approximately close to six months. He has since shown much improvement in all areas, including communication, faster response to verbal instructions, less rigidity and stubbornness, including fewer complaints of discomfort.  He now looks forward to going to FTI every week and is eager to get up and leave the house on Wednesday mornings.  The entire environment at FTI is very friendly, conducive and family-oriented. The trainers are very caring, warm, sincere and passionate about what they do.



I definitely would recommend FTI as the place for kids with different levels of challenges and, of course, to friends if they need to be physically ‘tuned’ up.



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