Special Needs

Personal Training Client: Kenny Tan

Age: 24

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh

Personal Training Client: Gwendoline Chow

Age: 16

Personal Trainer: Karen Goh / Llyon Lim


Gwen was born with Global Developmental Delayed.


Problems: Poor eye-hand co-ordination, balancing, low energy, hypotonia (low muscle tone) - on hands, arms, legs and torso, poor posture (hunch), little language (few words or short phrases).


Gwen went through some years of physical and intellectual programs and chiropractor treatments. But issues like squatting down with both feet on the ground, ability to run longer distance, eye-hand co-ordination, balancing, staying focus on task, stamina, strength on hands, arms and legs have been a big challenge.


Praise the Lord! He directed us to FTI through a friend, who shared that FTI could help children with developmental challenges.


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