Personal Training Client: Stella Quek
Personal Trainer: Jack Nay Ko Zin

I had a running injury that recurred and numerous Physiotherapy + TCM sessions did not resolve my problem. I was in pain daily and frustrated with my progress. 

I was recommended to Jack by a friend and made an appointment the evening itself. During our first meeting jack was thorough in his evaluation and was able to pinpoint the problem quickly. 

I’ve since been training with jack regularly, and it has made a massive difference in my life. The first few months were dedicated to treatment and rehab for my heel injury. Jack spent many hours releasing the different trigger points and identifying my problematic movement patterns before rehab training.


Jack was patient, inventive and very dedicated towards my recovery, constantly checking in via text and during our sessions as well. He was also generous with his knowledge, and great at explaining the root cause of my problem, and the various ways to prevent/treat them. The sessions I had with Jack were tough, but he was encouraging and made the sessions fun.


The tough sessions and Jack’s work paid off - and I’m now 100% pain-free with better movement patterns and enough knowledge to prevent the pain from coming back. 


I’ve really been deeply impressed by Jack’s ability to diagnose, release, rehab and retrain, and this has made such a difference in my life. Beyond being pain-free, he’s taught me so much about health, nutrition and also fitness + movement. Jack’s capabilities, dedication and heart makes him an asset to any company he chooses to be a part of.