Personal Training Client: Sunny Sim

Age: 46

Occupation: Financial Services Director

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong




I was having frozen shoulder and not able to raise my right arm fully. Got worse through the months as I thought it was just a strain and gave it some time to heal.  It became very painful to raise my right arm to wear my shirt.  I needed to be very careful with the movement of my right arm as it hurts especially when reaching for things high up. Referred by doctor to 2 physiotherapists for more than a month with minimal improvement along the way. Shared with Nelson at an event, he sounded experienced & confident in helping me to resolve my condition.



Other than working on the frozen shoulder condition, Nelson also corrected my posture.Re-activated weak & rarely used muscles. Learnt how to self-release tight fascia & muscles on trouble spots like shoulder & other parts of body. My usual weekly exercise has been running & cycling which is mainly on the lower limbs with occasional swim.  Nelson has brought about the awareness & importance of strength & flexibility in other parts of body, when & how to release overused spots and tightness before injury sets in. (Was also experiencing ITB issue when running more & longer distance)


Trained with Nelson for 7 months. My right arm mobility has been back to normal earlier but I continued to work on upper limbs, stability & core strength with Nelson.  Learnt to do own work outs to complement my usual weekly run & cycle activities.  Strength & flexibility has improved.  What I like is the all rounded & versatile training to improve mobility, stability, flexibility & strength.
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