Swiss Ball


Train your Core the Metabolic way!


The Swiss ball was the original equipment used to train balance, it was invented back in 1963 by an Italian plastics manufacturer, who managed to make these plastic balls puncture resistant.


The Swiss ball was the original product used to add instability to exercise routines and help people to improve their balance. When lying on the Swiss ball, the muscles have to react to the instability of the ball, more muscles are being utilized, people had to perform exercises while trying to maintain their balance.


The Swiss physical therapists and chiropractors were the first ones to use this huge plastic ball to rehabilitate patients, hence its name. When the ball made its way to the USA, coaches, personal trainers and athletic trainers were quick to realize the benefits of training on the unstable ball. It is useful for developing balance, and especially for core conditioning, for which it might have no equal.


Today Swiss balls can be found in almost any gym. Here is a list of the benefits of training on a Swiss ball:


  • Proper alignment of the body by strengthening stabilizer muscles

  • Greater abdominal and lower back strength

  • Greater muscle strength and endurance from major muscle groups

  • Better core stability

  • Accelerated weight loss


You can actually get a fantastic cardiovascular, fat burning workout training on the Swiss ball. You can get a challenging and complete workout with no additional tools, using just your body weight and the ball. The exercises range from challenging to extremely challenging, not allowing your mind to wander off at any moment, unlike training with weights on benches or flat ground where balance is hardly, if at all challenged.

Use the Swiss ball in place of a bench, to sit on or lie on and do the usual bench presses or bicep curls and you will feel your core muscles fire up like never before. Go further by working only one side; your right or left arm at one time with a weight and your core has to fire up even more as your body has to balance on the ball but also to compensate for the lack of equal load on both sides.

The Swiss ball is not just a brightly colored piece of equipment to make the gym look more interesting. It is a serious training tool that is meant for people looking to improve their core function, balance and cardiovascular endurance.