Secrets of X-Factor Trainer L1


Wednesday | 10th Jul 2019 | 8am – 6pm

Functional Training Institute
222 Queen Street, #03-01/02, Singapore 188550
Fees: $428.00 


Shape your own destiny through S.M.A.R.T goals setting that will define your number one definite purpose in life. Master the art of both closing and coaching that will successfully retain your clients, generate continuous referrals and escalate your training rates. Discover what actions taken proactively before, during & after each training session will attract clients to you like bees to honey.

Goal Setting (1 hours)

Identify your strength & weakness
Creating that laser focus vision

Art of Closing (1.5 hour)

Prospecting with proactive questions
Begins with an end in mind
The power of storytelling
Mesmerised them with flooding referrals to you

Art of Coaching 1 (2 hours)

Differentiating yourself from instructing, motivating to inspiring
Smart exercise cueing for the most challenging clients
It all make sense with noodle and band
Laughter is the best medicine for retaining clients

Art of Coaching 2 (1 hour)

How to make your clients accountable
How & when do we measure our clients’ results
How to increase your income without increasing your clients

Art of Coaching 3 (2 hour)

Specific exercises for stress relief
Special treatments that builds happy & lasting customer relationship
Train your clients’ minds, not just their bodies using power with precision
Transform an aimless moving body into a great achiever of winning

Art of Healthy Eating (1 hour)
6 steps to successful weight loss & fat loss
How you eat versus what you eat


This exclusive workshop will revolutionise how you manage clients if you are a:

1. Sport coach/trainer working with athletes
2. CrossFit coach/practitioner experiencing upper limb weakness or pain
3. Personal trainer seeking more gain and power without injury
4. Yoga teacher with members facing challenges in their poses  
5. Pilates instructor helping clients to achieve better posture & mobility


Interested parties must complete DZMR L1 full day workshop previously & DZMR L2 (Lower Limb, Spine & Upper Limb) to be eligible for Secrets of X-Factor Trainer. 

Special offer:

  1. 5% discount if you sign up any full day workshop from 8am to 6pm by 6th Jun.

  2. 10% discount if you sign up 2 full day workshops from 8am to 6pm by 6th Jun.

  3. 15% discount if you sign up 3 full day workshops from 8am to 6pm by 6th Jun.

  4. 15% discount if you sign up any full day workshop from 8am to 6pm with a buddy by 6th Jun.

Kindly email for registration & payment by 6th Jun 2019 to avoid disappointment.


1. Workshop title

2. Facebook name to stay connected

3. Mobile number 

4. Email address

5. Occupation for reference


Upon confirmation of registration, you can make payment


1. Cash/NETS at Functional Training Institute reception.

2. Via bank transfer or cheque deposit to Functional Training Institute Pte Ltd, DBS Current Account 033 902 6417.

3. Email confirmation will be sent upon payment received.

4. Official receipt will be emailed after course.

5. Please drop us an email after bank transfer or bank deposit.

6. Pay via PAYPAL to by clicking the button below.