Personal Training Client: Tan Kar Joo

Age: 50

Occupation: Senior Consultant

Personal Trainer: Llyon Lim


I heard about FTI from a close friend for some years. However, I never thought much about it as I am generally fit and I am happy with that. It was only when I decided to attempt a full marathon overseas that I thought it would be good to undergo some training, with the hope of completing the marathon without too much injury. I therefore signed up at FTI. It has been more than a year now, and I must say FTI has prepared me way beyond just completing the marathon, it has given me a life skill that will enable me to stay active without pain and injury in the longer term.


While training for my marathon, I started having pains on my knees and ankles, which I expected. I was totally amazed when these pains went away immediately after Llyon did what he called “releases”. Llyon was very patient in answering my many questions, and I learned a lot about how tight muscles could cause problems in areas far away from the muscles themselves, and how I could release them on my own using the therapy balls. I felt good that I am now able to relieve my own pains, and more importantly, that I am able to prevent injuries to my joints and hence preserve them longer.


Llyon observed that I have a poor sense of balance, which I knew all along but thought nothing of it as I have accepted it as “part of me - genetic”. Just 2 years ago, I lost my balance (if there is any in the first place) and fell while crossing a stream during my Fansipan trek in Vietnam. Also, I sprained both my ankles countless times, due to my lack of balance and weak ankles. I never thought I could ever improve my sense of balance. Llyon was very persistent though I was not able to do many of the single-legged exercises that he designed for me. After many months of training, I am happy to report that our hard work had paid off – I had no problems crossing a stream on rocks in my recent Nepal trip!

Every time I hear my relatives or friends complain of aches and pains, I will share with them what I have learnt at FTI and how amazing the journey has been for me. In fact, I have helped many friends relieve their pains by showing them what they could do. Of course I am not qualified and can only help them when they have similar symptoms. I really hope more people will get to know about FTI and be able to experience what it can do for them, just like what it has done for me, which is far more than what I had expected in the first place! Exercise need not be painful anymore!




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