Personal Training Client: Mrs Tay Poh Luan

Age: 88

Occupation: Retired

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


During the mid 1980s, my knees began hurting and I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who recommended injections and physiotherapy for my condition. I received spiritual healing from God on 8 May 1990, after which I could walk perfectly.


Unfortunately, I damaged my knees seriously as a result of an accidental fall off a step ladder in May 1997. Despite spending much time in physiotherapy, I had to consent to a right knee implant to save my hips in 2001. All was well after the operation. My surgeon recommended me to have a second knee implant in 2004, but I postponed the operation until 2007. By then, the left leg had weakened a great deal.


In Dec 2009, my daughter, Verena, introduced me to her trainer, Mattew Chan. After assessing my medical history and physical condition, Mattew took me under his wings to build up my muscle strength. Thanks to Mattew’s patience and skill, he coaxed my muscles to work again and encouraged me to persist despite periods of physical setbacks. After 12 sessions of physical training, my family, friends, and even the neurologist supervising my neurological problems were very surprised at the vast change in my mobility!


Many thanks to Mattew Chan and all the other FTI trainers who now and again give an encouraging word, and above all, who celebrated my 86th birthday in April. I thank God for each one of you.



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