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Personal Training Client: Serene Chia
Personal Trainer: Alfred Chong

Early this year I injured my self when I stretched my left arm backwards to lift  a heavy object. This led to limited movement and pain when I used that arm.  The diagnosis was frozen shoulder and I decided to seek help from FTI as I've had good outcome with them previously.


Alfred is my trainer and just within a few sessions (2 or 3) I regained full function of my arm pain free. 

The sessions begin with him releasing all the tight muscles and pinched nerve followed by simple exercises to help strengthen the muscles. His technique and professional approach was very effective and as a trainer he is able to tailor each sessions to meet my capability and even though my issue has been solved I'm still attending the sessions with Alfred to better my physical status through exercises under his supervision so that I do not injure myself.


As one from the Medeka generation this is very important.