Name: Trimongsowati

Age: 48

Occupation: Chemist and Business Owner

Trainer: Karen Goh


I used to work in a chemical company, which required me to sit a lot either in the office or in the plane.  I did not have time to exercise at all. I was always too tired.


On top of it,  I suffer from severe pronation at my left foot and also degeneration of the disc at L4/L5. I was constantly in pain especially at the hip area and the lower back. To reduce the pain, I would jump from one Chinese chiropractor to another one or western chiropractors, or acupuncture or massage. I spent a lot of time and money to get some temporary relief. I could not concentrate anymore in the office as the pain was getting worse and worse. I decided to quit my job. My goal is to lead an active life and pain free. I keep searching for a solution as I know that acupuncture, massage and spine adjustments are not the solution. I read about FTI in internet while searching for personal coach and decided to give a try. With Karen as my coach, I get to understand my problems and I get to know my body better. She is always there for me to guide me and help me to get out of this vicious  pain cycle.


I have been training for about  1,5 years so far at FTI. The biggest change I feel is my consciousness about my movements in doing daily activities. The degree of the pain is reduced significantly. And with Karen’s guidance, I can focus to train the most important parts of my muscles which can support my worn out discs. I enjoy going to FTI as all the trainers show high dedication and train the clients full heartedly. I have been recommending family members and friends to join FTI. The best place to solve your chronic pain and it is a fun and motivating atmosphere to train our body.





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