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Two-Day Lymphatic Mojo 

If you have been searching for the missing link in your pain problem or training plateau. 

This is it! The lymphatic system trumps all other systems and rules the movement and rehab road.

By Dr Perry Nickelston

Founder of Stop Chasing Pain

Saturday - December 15, 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Sunday - December 16, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Two-day exclusive workshop all about the most important and neglected system in your body for pain and autoimmune disease.


Who can attend?

This class is for everyone with all levels of experience! 

Great course for ALL movement enthusiast of ALL levels.

Hands-on intensive workshop covering some of the following life-changing information:

  • What is the lymphatic system and what role does it play in rehab

  • Learn to palpate and assess 10 critical areas for inflammation

  • How the gut and organs play a role in the lymph system and inhibiting core engagement

  • How the brain is impacted by an inflamed lymphatic system

  • The 5-minute lymphatic hack. Quick and easy release of the primary areas by hand

  • Why releasing too hard makes you worse

  • The 4-step release and stimulation process.

  • Movement to stimulate lymphatic flow

  • Breathing and lymphatic system. Relaxation and flight or flight breathing techniques

  • Advanced techniques for chronic lymphatic issues

  • Why you can’t lose weight when your lymph is clogged and toxic

  • Why the lymphatic system is the most important and neglected system for chronic pain and autoimmune

  • The 1-minute Lymphatic reset for athletic performance

  • Manual hands-on techniques and dry brushing

  • Self-assessment and treatments

  • Why if you do the release in the wrong order it will not work or can make you worse

  • The Brain Pump maneuver to help brain fog and mental focus

  • Nutrition essentials for a strong lymphatic system

  • The relationship between the immune system and the nervous system and how to avoid the foods that make you worse

  • The top 5 recommended movements to stimulate lymph flow

  • Learn the ‘Permission Technique’ where your nervous system grants access to nerves

  • Three breathing techniques to optimize movement (Power breathing, kidney breathing, twister breathing)



' Thanks Doc. That was an eye opener of a course. I’ve tried it on a few patients and the results have been beyond my expectations. '  -S. Surya

' A zookeeper was referred to me for carpal tunnel syndrome she has had for several months. During the examination, I noticed dysfunctional signs of breathing and lymph flow. She had a science background and didn’t think the diaphragm and lymph system was related to her arms and wrists. After a few sessions of very slow progress she was open to trying the ‘crazy lymph stuff.’ I ran her through your complete lymphatic protocol and within 15 minutes the symptoms were gone. On the follow up visit she sat me down and seriously said, ‘you know I thought you were crazy and then my symptoms went away in one visit. And then the very next morning I had my menstrual cycle that I have not had in 2.5 years. And I have been to numerous positions.’ Thank you, Dr. Perry, for spreading the word about the lymphatic mojo you have completely changed my practice. '  – L. Pratt


Don't miss your chance to attend this workshop!

 Teaching you in-depth assessment and treatment techniques of the system nobody talks about.

Venue: Functional Training Institute


Phone : (65) 6336 0422


Addess: 222 Queen Street #03-01/02 Singapore 188550 


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