Untold Truth of Functional Training 

The Secrets Revealed


With the ever increasing exercise options to stay fit and healthy ranging from pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, running, triathlon, sports, group classes, bootcamps, crossfit, parkour, MMA, etc, it is shocking to know that more people are getting injured prematurely and seeking help from physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, sports doctor & TCM, etc.

“Untold Truth of Functional Training - The Secrets Revealed", presented by Mr Nelson Chong, Founder & CEO of Functional Training Institute (Singapore), is a highly sought after Rehabilitation and Functional Training Specialist by CEOs, doctors and families from 7 to 90 years old.

In this 1.5 to 2 hours seminar, Nelson will intrigue you in a practical way how an ignorant and unwise exercise option can do more harm than good to our bodies. He shall then reveal to you the 3 Secret Pillars of Functional Training which are the key ingredients to Active Anti-Aging & Pain-Free Living that will add life to your years.

Together with Nelson, you will finally understand that "Functional Training is the movement solution for any bodily dysfunction".



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10th June 2017



4.00pm - 6.00pm


Functional Training Institute