Turtle Posture


All over the world people sit down at their desks. They may not be aware that the way they are sitting has a name, and that name is: turtle posture.

Trigger Point Explained


Understand what is a trigger point and the importance of releasing it for a more robust and functional body.

Lacing Technique For Running Shoes


Many runner do not know how much they can customize and fit into their running shoes by just changing the way they lace them.  Here are a few different lacing technique that you can use to deal with various feet problems.

Why Dehydration Is Making You Fat And Sick


The average human body is 75% water. When you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

High Heels And Its Harmful Effects To The Body


High heels are a common footwear in many people life but majority of them does not know how it greatly harms the body.  This video will let you understand it and think about what you should do to help you body.

Why Is Squatting A Very Important Functional Movement



After understanding this, everyone will realise squatting is a very important functional movement!