Personal Training Client: Verena Tay

Age: 47

Occupation: Writer, Storyteller, Voice & Presentation Skills Teacher

Personal Trainer: Mattew Chan


I decided to join a gym at the end of 2007 to lose weight and improve my physical fitness, but only achieved limited results at first. Then in late February 2009, I had the good fortune of being assigned Mattew as my personal trainer, after which I made a tremendous leap forward towards attaining my goals. With Mattew’s help at California Fitness initially, and at the Functional Training Institute presently, I have lost 12 kg and developed greater muscle tone and strength, recovering the body I once had and rediscovering a range of motion that I thought I had lost. (Relatives and friends have been so impressed with my progress that even my 85-year old mother requested to train with Mattew and is now in the midst of a 12-session course with him to build up her own fitness level.



Mattew Chan is:


M: - Motivational and encouraging. How else could I have committed to exercise on my own four or five times a week outside of training time with him and lose weight?

A: - Authoritative. He knows his stuff, from anatomy to physiology, from exercise theory to nutrition.

T: - Thorough. Not only does he give you an all-round workout during training time, he also monitors your form with eagle eyes, making sure that you are moving optimally. He's very organized too: check out the detailed notes that he keeps about the exercises he puts you through.

T: - Tough, but with a light touch. He is very exacting and firm, in his kind manner, about what and how he wants you to perform.

E: - an E-coach too. Since Sep 2009, I've been e-mailing him my weekly meal & exercise journal. I've also e-mailed him queries and concerns that he has dutifully answered/taken into account.

W: - Wholehearted. He genuinely cares for your overall welfare and progress. During training time, he is there for you 100%.


C: - Challenging. He takes pain to design varied workouts so that you are constantly interested and advancing in your physical conditioning.

H: - Holistic. He is really concerned that his clients lead an all-round healthy lifestyle. So for clients concerned about weight loss, he also designs meal plans and will keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise.

A: - Approachable and courteous. He is always polite; his natural good manners augment his professional demeanour.

N: - No-nonsense, yet perceptive and with a sense of humour.


In the almost 4 years of consistent training with Mattew through the functional fitness methodology, I have gained strength, flexibility and stamina. My aches and pains have lessened; recovery time from any unfortunate self-sustained minor injuries is relatively fast. The variety of exercises he has put me through has sustained my interest in continuing to work out after all this time. In order to reach and maintain my ideal weight, I look forward to working further with Mattew.


In addition, I would like to state that I have enjoyed coming to Functional Training Institute over the last three years. Not only are all the trainers are knowledgeable and trustworthy, the staff members are all warm and welcoming, providing a safe and comfortable place to improve one’s mind, body and soul.


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