Personal Training Client: Vernon Vasu

Age: 42

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Personal Trainer: Ralph


Before joining FTI, I had a recurring lower back injury since I was 16 years old. Years of sports including judo, kayaking combined with an injury during national service resulted in a fragile spine that made me fear it.


I continued to exercise as per normal but left my lower back alone. I managed to live with it with infrequent visits to a chiropractor and the use of a back brace whenever I exercised. Finally, I came to an uneasy truce with my lower back - you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.


But things started to arise after I increased the intensity of my workouts such as muay thai, swimming and strength training. Lacking the knowledge and skills to deal with the increasing stiffness in my back, it just kept getting worse. My back seized up and I was almost unable to walk and carry out daily functions such as putting on socks!


My first session with Nelson was excellent, with him correctly diagnosing the issue (weak psoas) and helping with the release of all the stiff muscles. I limped in to FTI and WALKED out!


My follow-on sessions were with Ralph. Ralph has been great - attentive and encouraging - each session carefully crafted to build on the last. He is a great teacher and I am doing his exercises on my own. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.


The best thing about coming to FTI? I can’t remember where I put my back brace.



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