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Nelson is very clear in his explanation and has helped my daughter, myself & mother-in-law with our physical pain.

My wife’s friend, Apelles Poh referred my 16 years old daughter to FTI because she was experiencing unbearable pain & weakness on her entire right arm. She was unable to write for close to 2 months and missed her year-end exams. The pain gotten worst daily & affected her sleep & daily function & no doctor could explain what was wrong with her at all besides prescribing her more pain killers. Nelson is very meticulous in addressing my daughter’s issue & applied manual trigger point therapy together with highly effective corrective exercise to stabilize her condition. Within just a few sessions, she was able to able to pick up her pen and write progressively from a few minutes to half an hour and now continuous writing without pain. We were totally amazed & grateful to have found him.

Personal Training Client: Vincent, Wiez & Ru Shiow

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong

Personally, I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many years resulting to swollen & painful limbs that limited my mobility & daily function. The pain at my upper limb was affecting my sleep every night & I was losing grip strength daily & experiencing tingling sensation down my both arms. I was also experiencing pain at my ankles & knees while doing simple thing such as walking, climbing stairs & could not get down or get up from the floor on my own at all. After Nelson taught me how to apply his unique R’4 Methodology to release & retrain my tight & misaligned body, I am very happy that I can finally live pain-free actively again in just few sessions without any medication. Best of all, the swelling has went away & I am now able to get down & get up from the floor easily on my own with better mobility. I could also sleep much better through the night & my shoulder 
mobility has improved significantly too.

I decided to bring my mother-in-law who has chronic knee pain. Similarly, her condition has improved after applying R’4 Methodology in just 2 sessions.

We highly recommend anyone with pain or sports performance issue to FTI as they are really professional in empowering individual live pain-free actively.


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