Improve your “KQ” today!


"KQ" or Kinetic Intelligence refers to the ability of a person to move with consistency to the way the body is meant to. "Duh!" you might say.


"How else can I move, if not the natural way I was meant to?" Most people would ask. And yet if you look around today, you would find it almost impossible to find anyone over the age of 30 who does not suffer from some physical impairment, be it a niggling pain or injury. This is not meant to be. Look at young children, they do not suffer from pain and seldom, if ever, get injured they way adults do, because they have high "KQ". Unfortunately, they start to lose it once they go to school and sit for hours, like all of us did.


With the advancement of technology, our lives are becoming increasingly convenient and sedentary. Moving around much and often is not necessary anymore in daily living, and when it is not necessary, there is little hope for us to improve our ability move properly, to improve our "kinetic well being".


Here is where the seemingly "ordinary" ViPR fills in an important exercise/training gap. It looks like an ordinary cylindrical tube, but the ViPR was specifically designed for training our bodies to move correctly and efficiently.

At the gym, we have been conditioned to think that exercise meant cycling on a stationary bike, lying down for bench presses, sitting for shoulder presses and standing stationary for bicep curls. With ViPR, you have to train with a variety of movements, a large variety, that not only trains your muscles to activate and de-activate quickly and optimally, it also strengthens and conditions your fascia, the thick layer flexible tissue that envelopes all your muscles and plays an active and important role in all shifting and lifting movements and in all sports.















Train with the ViPR, you will be able to walk, run, and skip into your retirement days!