Personal Training Client: Vivien Lee

Age: 40

Occupation: Corporate Trainer

Personal Trainer: Nelson Chong


I was already fit, strong, and totally independent in the gym when I first met Nelson Chong. Having had a personal trainer previously for more than a year and attaining the results I desired, I certainly wasn't looking for another personal trainer. I had arranged to meet Nelson out of sheer curiosity, because a friend who was training with him said he was good. I had a chance to work out with him when we met, and as they say, the rest is history. I was impressed from the start. He demonstrated an attention to detail that demonstrated professionalism and care. He wasn’t afraid to push me and I liked that. I love learning and it was evident that he had much knowledge to share and was willing to do so. I was sold. I wanted to give this guy a try, to see what else was possible for me.


A couple of months on, despite a rather weak right knee which caused me much pain for a few years already, my 12-year dream of running the marathon was re-kindled. It was no small decision to be made. I knew that it would take a lot of commitment to become physically and mentally prepared for a long race but I somehow sensed that Nelson would be the one that could support me through this. I was right.


Working with the advise of my sports medicine doctor, Nelson came up with an endless array of functional exercises to strengthen my core. He was incredibly creative in using all kinds of equipment from resistance bands, to the BOSU, to medicine balls to devise exercises that stretched me, gave results without jeopardizing my knee further, and in the process having fun. He continues to amaze me in this aspect. More than physical preparation, he was also a great motivating force. He enquired about my progress after my long runs on the weekends, and always had a word of encouragement for me or some advise about rest, nutrition and supplementation. I am thrilled to say, that in 12 months, I have completed not one, not two, but three 42km races, and all with minimal pain and very quick post-race recovery. This was made possible because Nelson is both a coach and a friend.


I was contented and happy, but Nelson has a way of making you want more. Maybe it is because he has an eye for recognising the potential that we don’t see in ourselves. Maybe it is because he is not afraid to suggest it and doing what it takes to get you there. After the first 42km race, he challenged me to drop my weight further and to work at strengthening myself. Drawing out my competitive streak, he has got me achieving breakthroughs in strength that is the stuff of Commandos and GIs.


It feels great to be 40 years and to be even stronger than the 20 plus year olds out there, or even some of the guys. Better yet, it feels awesome to be going 41 years, walking around without pain in my knee, and knowing that there hasn’t been a time in my life when I was stronger. His believe in me has given me a confidence I never thought possible. Today, I am fitter, stronger and happier than ever before, all because of my patient and passionate personal trainer, Nelson Chong.


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