Personal Training Client: Mr. Wing C. Chan

Age: 89

Occupation: Retired

Personal Trainer: Joseph Goh


I was born in 1926, therefore I am 89 years old. Retired and enjoying the winter years of my life.

Three years ago, 2012, I had nerve and muscle pain in my lower back. The curvature of my lower spine has gone out of alignment. Doctors said that it was bone generation and had no cure for it. They gave me a big bag of painkiller.

I tried Acupuncture, it didn't help. Then decided to go Chiropractor treatment. I had Chiropractor treatment for Pinched Nerve. I started Chiropractor treatment in January 2013.

I had a newspaper clipping of FTI, it was kept in a file. I entirely forgot about it. One day in February 2013, I happened to come across it. Since I have muscle pain and my whole body was stiff, I contacted Nelson of FTI, and started training. My Trainer is Joseph, he is very patient with me and helpful. I have been with FTI for about two years and will continue with them for many years to come.


My training with FTI was tough in the beginning, because all my muscles were still and harden. Joseph was very patient with me and was a great help. I started with three times training a week, 6 months later it was twice a week. After 1 1/2 years of exercise I am pain free. Thank you Joseph.

Now my exercise session is 2 hours and two times a week. I exercise my calf muscles, knees, thighs, hips, spinal and balance. In the evening I walk 6 KM, 3 to 4 times per week. My time for the 6 KM walk is 1 1/2 hours. Due to my age, I cannot walk fast, not like when I was young at 80 years old.

I live by my two inspirations "EAT LESS - EXERCISE MORE"   "I WISH I WILL WALK TO MY GRAVE"  (No wheelchair)




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