X Factor Trainer

Mentorship Program



Do you have what it takes?


Being a trainer isn't just about keeping fit, it's about pushing to the maximum potential that you and your clients can be.


A trainer knows how to keep the physical body fit. A good trainer knows how the body function. An X Factor Trainer has the ability to identify each client's physical capabilities, attend to any movement dysfunction and customize a program that would efficiently achieve each client's fitness goal.


X Factor Trainer Mentorship Program consist of 3 different full day courses that will be sure to push your thirst for knowledge of the body to its limit. Each course empowers each criteria of what makes an X Factor Trainer:


The Ability to diagnose physical capabilities and address to movement dysfunctions.

The Adaptabilty to train each body part functionally and efficiently.

The Apprehension of the unity of movement, motions and momentum.


Created by Nelson Chong, Founder of Functional Training Institute,  this program will transform your perception of what defines a personal trainer.






30th July 2016 - 1st August 2016

Saturday - Monday

8am - 5pm

Day One - 30th Jul 2016, Saturday, 8am to 5pm.

Rehab Hero Certification Course (Dual Zone Myofascial Release)

Learn Corrective Exercise for Upper Limb (Neck, Shoulder, Elbow), Lower Limb (Hip, Knee, Ankle) & Spine (Upper & Lower Back) and idenfity movement dysfunctions. This course focuses on the complexity of myofascia, how the trigger points work, accurately identify the main cause for movement dysfunction and corrective exercises to activate each muscle groups.




Day Two - 31st Jul 2016, Sunday, 8am to 5pm

Swiss Ball Metabolic Training Certification covering topics from Rehab to Athlete training. This course is suitable for physiotherapists, trainers, sports coaches, fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are seeking fun and effective ways to rehabilitate from an injury, improve cognitive skills and most importantly achieve a more robust and efficient body. Improve daily function and sports performance with the humble Swiss Ball and experience what it's like to be bulletproof against any musculoskeletal injury.



Day Three - 1st Aug 2016, Mon, 8am to 12pm​
Dumbbell Metabolic Training Certification 1 & 2 covering topics from Rehab to Athlete training. This course focuses on full body integration while challenging all fitness components simultaneously such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, explosive power, flexibility, agility, psychomotor skills, core, stability, balance, mobility, proprioception, body alignment and fun. It has helped many clients restore their body alignment through integrated unilateral functional patterns that optimized their grip strength and overall performance. Experience a dumbbell training like no other you have ever seen!

Day Three - 1st Aug 2016, Mon, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Participate in our trainers’ monthly physical fitness exam “Functional Fitness Feat” to test your functional fitness.

Day Three - 1st Aug 2016, Mon, 6pm to 8pm

Farewell dinner treat at Singapore famous newton food centre

Course Fee: SGD$1,605 inclusive of GST, a set of Therapy Balls worth $80.25


Rehab Hero Graduates may attend Day One for free.


1. Workshop title

2. Full name to be printed on certificate

3. Facebook name to stay connected

4. Mobile number 

5. Email address

6. Occupation for reference


Upon confirmation of registration, you can make payment


1. Cash/NETS at Functional Training Institute reception.

2. Via bank transfer or cheque deposit to Functional Training Institute Pte Ltd, DBS Current Account 033 902 6417.

3. Email confirmation will be sent upon payment received.

4. Official receipt will be emailed after course.

5. Please drop us an email after bank transfer or bank deposit.