Personal Training Client: Yuvika

Age: 21

Personal Trainer: Ralph


Before I started training, I felt lethargic, out-of-shape, and way below the fitness standards of someone my age. I found it challenging to run without stopping for more than a few minutes. Running a full mile seemed exhausting, running more than that felt impossible. In addition to a general lack of stamina, my eating habits and lack of exercise made me feel bloated and unmotivated to do anything about it. Then, there were the emerging back problems due to bad posture and a genetic predisposition. My shoulders perpetually tense, any amount of lifting added undue strain on my upper back. In short, I knew I needed to make a change. But I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t know what kind of exercises to do. I didn’t have the discipline to go running; besides, that didn’t seem like a holistic fitness regime. I needed someone to hold me accountable and an environment that made me feel comfortable and motivated. My parents had been going to FTI for some time, and in the summer, when I was home from university, I signed up for a package.


Pretty immediately, training at FTI had a perceptible change on my body. I had so much more energy on a daily basis. Ralph was tailoring a training plan to target my problems and keep me engaged. I felt like I was being challenged, without being too burnt out. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were being engaged; I’ve never been so happy to be sore! The work I was putting in at the gym also motivated me to be healthier at home. Ralph gave me all sorts of advice about how to modify my diet and lifestyle to complement my training. He also taught me simple techniques to relieve some of the pressure being put on my shoulders.

I am going into my third month of training. Even after this relatively short time, my posture has improved and I have gained substantial strength and stamina. I was able to accomplish things that I would have found prohibitively challenging in the past, like spending five hours on a rigorous hike up and along the Great Wall of China. Most importantly, I felt motivated to take my fitness and health more seriously.


The environment at FTI is one of its great draws. In addition to all the things you would expect out of a gym—efficiency, great trainers, and diverse equipment—FTI has a warm feeling of community. This is what makes it genuinely enjoyable. The trainers are not simply competent and talented professionals, but friendly, motivating forces committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. I would definitely recommend FTI to others. Their approach to functional training is dynamic, impactful, and life changing.



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